Two- to three-day fishing expedition between the islets of Muhu Island. We will catch sea pikes, perches and garfish – catching them from clear seawater is an amazing experience. If you are in the right place at the right time, catching 10 fish per angler is no big deal.

The natural environment there has lots more to offer than just great fishing spots. We will begin our day by gathering at the Lõunaranna Harbour, getting acquainted with each other and sharing all the necessary information before heading out at sea.

After a long, rewarding fishing day we will go to Jaagu-Mihkli Farm where a hot sauna and barrel hot tub will be waiting for us. After the sauna, the owners of the farm, Mikk and Kata, will provide us with a delicious dinner, followed by a pike- and perch-cleaning workshop and fishermen’s conversations at Miku Gin Bar. In the morning, we will head out at sea once again to begin our second fishing day.

Package includes: accommodation with sauna, breakfast and dinner, fishing gear, fishing guide, a comfortable speedboat/motorboat.