Do something new and exciting – organise your birthday, get-together or company party on Pärnu’s stunning sea ice.

The trip to the sea ice starts with Fish Taxi vehicles from the Pärnu city centre beach. The first destination point will be the large ice banks on top of the Pärnu Pier, where a small photo session will take place. From the ice banks, we will head to fishing spots up to 3 km from the shore. There we will set up a fully equipped camp. Our guides will teach ice fishing on Pärnu Bay and there will be a bonfire, pies and warm tea. A small competition will also take place. Trip length: 3–4 hours.

The package includes:
– Safe transport with Fish Taxi vehicles to the icy Pärnu Bay.
– A day guide/fishing guide who manages the day and teaches ice fishing.
– Necessary fishing equipment (winter fishing rods, fishing accessories, fishing chairs, ice drills).
– Bonfire, tables, beach chairs.
– Catering based on requests. (Pies, coffee, tea, mulled wine etc).

Group size: up to 40 people